The Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles

15th to 17th November, Walcha NSW

AccommodationDo it rough, or do it in style



A billion stars overhead, soft grass underneath

If you decide to camp, you’ll hardly be doing it tough. The campground is carpeted with soft luscious grass. Cattle grow fat around here for a reason. Overhead, meanwhile, the Milky Way and its billion and four stars will keep you company.

Showers and facilities are provided. And if you want us to put up a tent for you, we can do that too.



After a hard day gorging on all things motorcycle, there’s nothing better than slipping into the luxury of a bell tent, the sound of a V-twin or transverse four rumbling on the night breeze as the world slips into the land of desmo.

There are two different glamping routes to go down, all with real linen, proper beds, pillows, rugs and servants. Enjoy the luxury of a four-star hotel room under the clear night sky.

Okay, the servant thing—just kidding.


You’re into large vehicle camping. We have a lot of space. Perfect match.

RVs, Winnebagos, caravans, campervans. No matter what you’ve got, we have just the place for it. You just book your spot in our Large Vehicle Camping area, roll on in and start getting festive. Facilities provided.

If you are planning on bringing a camper trailer, caravan, motor home or vehicle over 6 meters, you MUST purchase a special pass. Make sure you have the make/model and dimensions of the vehicle handy.

This ticket is on top of your Festival and camping tickets and is per vehicle (not per person).  Prices can be viewed here

This ticket will allow you to fit your vehicle in our campgrounds. We do have a designated area for large vehicles; but large vehicles may be placed around the campgrounds and may not necessarily be in an area that matches your ticket.

Please note that there is NO POWER to any of our campgrounds. Generators are permitted. Please be mindful of your neighbours. Don’t operate generators before 7am and after 10pm.

If you bring a vehicle over the size of 9.5 metres you will need to give us notice so we can ensure space is available.

Camper Trailer and Car:

This 9.5-metre advisory is also for a car and ANYTHING towed. I.E. camper trailer or trailer with camping gear. Please also note that when your camper trailer is opened out it can be no longer than 6 meters, otherwise you will need to purchase a Large Vehicle Camping Pass. (Caravans need a Large Vehicle camping ticket)

Large Vehicle Camping max vehicle size 7.5 metres:

This is any vehicle from 6 meters to 7.5 meters long, for example a motorhome, campervan, ALL caravans (not including car)

Extra Large Vehicle Camping vehicle size 9.5 metres:

Any vehicle that is from 7.5 meters to 9.5 meters - this also includes large caravans (not including car, but including draw bar) and motor homes. Please be advised that these Large Vehicle sites are limited and may sell out. So book your site early.

As space is not unlimited and there are many requests, you will be refused entry to camp if you turn up with a vehicle bigger than the size quoted when booking your Large Vehicle Camping ticket through the Festival office.

Please note: Absolutely no camping vehicles of any kind will be allowed to park in the Festival car park (including Wicked Vans and the like) before or after hours. If you wish to camp at the Festival you will have to buy a camping ticket. Any campervans found in car parks will be towed. Sorry, but them’s the rules.

Local Homestays

Homes and farms of all shapes and sizes welcome you.

You may notice when you come to Walcha that the people here live in homes just like people do pretty much everywhere else. Some of these homes are on farms, others are in the town. And some of these homes have spare rooms, granny flats, wings… Some are even wholly vacant. That makes renting accommodation an option.

The residents of Walcha, realising the opportunity, are coming to the party and swarming to Air B&B to list. New opportunities are coming up every day. You can also go to The ideal place for you might be there, waiting.