The Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles

15th to 17th November, Walcha NSW

Big EventsThrills & Spills, Flying Dirt & Curious Machines

American Flat Track

We’ve gone and built a regulation, competition-grade, 450-metre circumference flat track with perfectly cambered corners at either end, just so that you can get out there and bust some nice friendly dust.

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Dirt Hill Climb

Across the road from the Racecourse is a farm with a gentle grass-covered hill. As hills go, not very imposing. It wasn’t a hill you would notice, let alone tell yourself that one day it was a hill you would conquer. As such, because of this complete lack of attention in the pantheon of hills, it was sad.

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Customs Show

Restomods, caferacers, bobbers, choppers, track bikes, knuckle-draggers. In fact, whatever it is, new, old, fast or slow, if you want to show it off, bring it to the Festival.

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Trade Show

If it’s a motorcycle, or has anything whatsoever at all to with motorcycles, this is the place to put it on show. The Festival runs for three days. Plenty of time to make a sale, or even just plant a seed with potential customers. We’ll provide the vibe, the space, the light, a power point, and all the air you can possibly breathe. The rest is up to you.

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