The Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles

15th to 17th November, Walcha NSW

Our StoryWhat's this all about?


Climb onto a motorcycle, any motorcycle, and the seriousness of life melts away.

Doesn't matter if riding for you is about a sweeping mountain road, a blast along a bush trail, sliding around a dirt oval, or chugging down to the shops for a loaf of bread. No matter how you take your motorcycle, it just plain delivers that sense of Feel Good like no other.

The people organising this Festival aim to celebrate that motorcycle zing, and pack as many jolts of it as possible into a long weekend.

Hence the flat track, the hill climb, the customs, the ride-in cinema showing motorcycle classics, the Globe of Death, the motorcycle trade show and so forth.

So just embrace it. This is about grass roots. Ride to the Festival and you park for free. Go for a spin around the flat track. Think your motorcycle has got something special, let’s all have a look at it. Enter in the customs, no charge. It’s a People’s Choice contest. You might win and be showered with praise and cash.

Then there’s the ride to the festival

It’s no accident the Officially Motorcycle Friendly town of Walcha, sitting on the intersection of the famed Oxley Highway and Thunderbolts Way, is the venue.

Come and enjoy being with people who think and feel the same way you do – age, gender, race, religion, politics… Who gives a fig about such things when you’re surrounded by transverse fours, V-twins, singles, two-strokes and four-strokes, united by a love of motorcycling fun, freedom and frivolity.

But what if you’re not crazy into MOTORCYCLES?

Can you still enjoy this Festival? Let’s see… Are you into great food? Good wine? Craft Beer? Do you enjoy the outdoor lifestyle? Live music? Would you like a break from the usual? Do you have kids? (Bring ‘em along—they’ll wander around the event hub gawking open-mouthed at all the motor-candy.) Tick any of those boxes and it’s a big fat yes.

Enjoy the Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles and its unique atmosphere.

Sure, it’s different, but that’s the whole point.