The Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles

15th to 17th November, Walcha NSW

About Walcha.Pot of country gold at the end of the oxley highway

The town of Walcha, sits on the southern peninsular of Australia’s highest tableland, New England High Country. Straddling the Great Dividing Range, Walcha is where the glorious Oxley Highway intersects Thunderbolts Way – two of the finest motorcycle routes in the country. Location, location, location, as they say.

Hang out in Walcha a day or two, however, and you’ll soon discover one of the friendliest and most creative towns in NSW. Check out the Open Air Gallery featuring artworks of some of Australia’s most highly regarded sculptors.

While you’re in the vicinity, take in the majesty of the Apsley falls, merely 20km east on the Oxley. A little further east, Tia Falls is also not to be missed; a more vast and open gorge. These are just two of the myriad of gorges that make up the labyrinth of the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park.

For the more adventurous…. If trekking is your thing, the award winning spectacular Green Gully Track begins nearby. A four-day walk into the wilderness with refurbished ex-stockman’s huts providing shelter and facilities along the way. (Bookings essential.)