The Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles

15th to 17th November, Walcha NSW

TRADE Show us what you’re made of.

WANT TO get noticed?

If it’s a motorcycle, or has anything whatsoever at all to with motorcycles, this is the place to put it on show.

The Festival runs for three days. Plenty of time to make a sale, or even just plant a seed with potential customers.

We’ll provide the vibe, the space, the light, all the air you can possibly breathe and a few additional options if required. The rest is up to you.



We've had a look at presenting trade all kinds of ways - building halls, throwing up marquees, erecting the equivalent of a Trade Epcot Centre... Turns out that what you want more than anything else is space. Just space. For one thing, space is flexible. For another it's way more affordable than any other option we've looked at. So we're giving it to you. In fact, we're blessed with lots of space at Walcha. Actually, if space was a currency Walcha would be the Rupert Murdoch of space.

So, if you've got your own marquee, bring it. We're starting with 3m x 3m spaces and suggesting a few larger ones. But if you want something gargantuan, you've come to the right place.

Fill in the Expression of Interest form below and we'll get back to you pronto. See Event Map for the location of the Trade Exhibition area.

Please read our trade show terms and conditions.