The Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles

15th to 17th November, Walcha NSW

Terms & conditionsTicketing, prohibition, camping, and disability terms


As per the NSW Liquor Regulation 2018: persons are not permitted to enter the festival or remain at the festival if the person is wearing or carrying any clothing, jewellery or accessory displaying the name of an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMCG), 1%er or similar organisation. This includes but not limited to the colours, club patches, insignia or logo of such organisation, or the “1%” or “1%er” symbol or any image, symbol, abbreviation, acronym or other form of writing indicates membership of, or association with any Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, 1%er.


This ticket is sold by The Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles Pty Ltd (ABN 22 632 499 300) who is responsible for the Event. The Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles Pty Ltd is an Australian Private Company operating in Australia. The following conditions apply to the sale, entry and attendance at the Event.

  1. 'You' and 'your' refers to the customer. 'We', 'us', 'our', ' Freak Show ' and 'Event organiser' refers to The Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles Pty Ltd its employees, contractors, volunteers and authorized persons. This agreement means these terms and conditions and any other conditions specified by us on our website and booking forms.

  3. All bookings and ticket purchases are non-transferable and may not be sold or transferred by you.
  4. The Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles Pty Ltd adheres to the Live Performances Australia Code of Practice for ticketing of Live events.
  5. NO REFUND OR EXCHANGE ON ANY TICKET will be given or service fee except in accordance with the applicable Live Performance Australia code of practice for Event Ticketing This is an all-weather event. No refunds will be made if you choose not to attend due to inclement weather.
  6. We reserve the right to charge a fee for the replacement of lost, destroyed or stolen tickets. Please treat your ticket as you would money or other valuables.
  7. A 3-day ticket is a multiple day ticket for the use of one person and cannot be shared.
  8. There will be no refund on any unused portion of tickets if you or your invitees are asked or forced to leave or if you decide not to attend any part of the Event.
  9. If you have Print at Home E-Ticket(s) you will be able to update the name on your Print at Home E-Ticket(s) twice after the initial registration. After that, if you require any updates you will need to contact the office. This will incur a $20.00 Admin fee for each subsequent name change.

  11. We reserve the right to add, withdraw, reschedule or substitute artists / acts and/or vary advertised programs, prices, venues, seating arrangements and audience capacity.
  12. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone the Event for any reason. In the event of the cancellation in advance of the Event, we will provide a refund less an amount to cover the cost of ticketing.
  13. We reserve the right at any time, to change the venue of the Event. In the event of a change in venue, we will publish details on the Freak Show website.
  14. ENTRY:

  15. The right of admission is reserved and is subject to the Event organiser and the venue's terms of admission, copies of which are available online and from The Freak Show Festival of Motorcycling on request.
  16. Your ticket must be exchanged for a wristband on entry to the Event and must be worn at all times for the duration of the Event. Once a wristband is removed it becomes void. Stretched or damaged wristbands will not be replaced.
  17. Photo ID is required for age and name verification and for entry by e-ticket holders or on demand
  18. Any minor under 15 cannot enter except in company with a responsible adult or guardian in accord with the Liquor Act.
  19. It is a condition of entry to the Event that a search of your person and/or your possessions and motor vehicle/s be required at the time of entry to the venue. GLASS, ALCOHOL, WEAPONS, ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES or any item the Event organizers consider may be used in an illegal or offensive manner may be confiscated. Refusal to consent to a search WILL prevent entry to the Event, without refund. All bags/containers will be subject to a full search. The festival is licensed – don’t bring alcohol with you – any prohibited items found will be confiscated and not returned.
  20. Entry is at own risk and the right to refuse entry is reserved. The promoter or venue shall not be held liable for any loss, injury or damages sustained entering on the site – to the extent allowed by the law.
    • Motor racing is DANGEROUS, and spectators attending this track do so entirely at their own risk. It is a condition of admission that all persons having a connection with the promotion, and/or organisation, and/or conduct of the meeting, including the owners of the land and the riders and owners of vehicles and passengers in the vehicles, are absolved from all liability arising out of the accidents causing damage or personal injury to spectators or ticket holders, except where due care and skill has not been exercised.
  21. Entry may be refused if tickets are damaged or defaced in any way or are not purchased through an authorized point of sale. Do not share your ticket barcode it may prevent entry. The promoter reserves the right to deny admission to the Event to any person holding a ticket that appears to have been tampered with, counterfeited or duplicated. Anyone found on site without a valid wristband or accreditation will be deemed to have trespassed and will be evicted from the Event site.

  23. Audio or visual recordings of the Event and performers or artists at the Event are prohibited. Still cameras are permitted but images may be used for private purposes only, not for public display or for commercial use.

  25. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we do not accept liability of any nature for the acts, omissions or default of those providing services in connection with the Event or any liability for any injury, damage, loss, delay or additional expenses which are incurred at or in association with this Event. Where legislation implies any condition or warranty which cannot be excluded or modified, that condition or warranty will be deemed to be included in this agreement. However, our liability for any breach of such condition or warranty will be limited, at our option, to the resupply of the services or the cost of having the services supplied again. In no event will we be liable for any indirect, consequential, exemplary or special damages.
  26. Admission is at the ticket holders own risk. You acknowledge that neither we nor the venue will be responsible for any loss or damage to property (including personal property such as bags, money or other personal items) brought to or purchased at the Event by you or your invitees.
  27. You will be liable for any loss or damage caused at the Event by you or your invitees.
  28. CONDUCT;

  29. You must ensure that you and your invitees act in an orderly manner when attending the Event. We may refuse entry or evict you or any of your invitees if they are behaving in an intoxicated, disorderly, offensive, threatening or inappropriate manner, towards any person.
  30. The Event is open to all ages. Children under the age of 15 years that attend the Event must be supervised by a responsible adult (in accord with the Liquor Act) at all times. Children who behave in a disorderly, disruptive or inappropriate manner may at the sole discretion of the Event organisers be required to leave with their responsible adult.

  32. The day car park and camping areas are ALCOHOL FREE ZONES under the terms of the festival organisers liquor licence. Any alcohol consumed in these areas will cause immediate eviction and cancellation of your ticket and/or wristband.
  33. The whole venue is a GLASS FREE ZONE and no glass shall be brought into any part of the venue including the car parks and camping. Please do not bring glass into the Event, broken glass and festivals do not mix.
  34. THE FESTIVAL EVENT AREA IS LICENSED. Any patron wishing to consume alcohol must have photographic ID. We reserve the right to evict patrons who disobey or break Responsible Service of Alcohol legislation and the law.
  35. Anyone found supplying or buying alcohol for a minor will be evicted from the Event and will face criminal charges.
  36. Anyone found supplying or consuming illicit drugs will be evicted from the premises and face criminal charges.
  37. Certain areas within the Event venue are smoke free zones. Smoking will not be permitted within the tents or within 10 metres of food venues and dining areas.
  38. PRIVACY:

  39. In order to purchase your ticket, we may need to collect and keep personal information about you including your name, address, payment details, telephone number and the names of all ticket allocations. We may also need to disclose your personal information as required by law or as permitted under the Privacy Act.
  40. All attendees consent to be included in photographic, film and other visual and audio recordings of the Event and grant the promoter the right to use such photos and recordings for promotion, marketing and other purposes in all media without restriction.
  41. TRADING:

  42. Trading signs or other signs are not permitted without prior consent of The Freak Show . No ticket holder shall be entitled to do any trading without the written consent of the Event organizers.
  43. Tickets may not, without prior written consent of The Freak Show , be resold at a premium or used for advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes (including competitions or trade promotions) or to enhance the demand for other goods and services. If a ticket is sold or used in breach of this condition the bearer of the ticket will be refused admission.
  44. GENERAL:

  45. Footwear must be worn at all times on the site.
  46. Animals are not permitted, except in accordance with legislation.
  47. Fires and fireworks are not permitted.
  48. This agreement is governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia.
  49. Some ticket types may require adherence to specific guidelines that are published on the Event website from time to time. You must ensure that you meet such guidelines.
  50. You give your express consent to your actual/ simulated likeness to be included for no fee within any audio/visual or still recording to be used in any media for any purpose at any time.
  51. Any breach of any of these terms and conditions will entitle the Event organizers to evict the ticket holder from the venue and confiscate any ticket or wristband, without refund.

  53. The Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles Pty Ltd cares for the environment and community. Please be respectful and place any litter in the recycle or other bins provided around the venue. Be waste and water wise - thank you.
  54. Please respect our town, neighbourhood and neighbours and do not create excessive noise or litter while travelling to and from the Event.
  55. CAMPING:

  56. If you are camping at Freak Show with an extra large vehicle please ensure you do not accept an upgrade in size from your Camper Hire provider. Freak Show does not accept responsibility for the upgrade and will not refund patrons that are unable to camp because of size restrictions. You will be refused entry to camp if you have a vehicle larger than the size quoted when booking your large or extra large vehicle camping ticket through The Freak Show office.
  57. PARKING:

  58. Parking is free for Motorbikes and cars with Motorbikes (on the trailer, on the tray only), Cars pay at the gate.
  59. You must purchase one parking ticket per vehicle per day, per entry of using the Day Car Park. Tickets are valid for the day nominated at time of purchase.
  60. Tickets must be displayed barcode facing up on the driver’s side dashboard and must be fully visible to staff when entering and parking at Freak Show .
  61. Hours of operation for day parking are: 08:00am – 12:30am daily.
  62. Our day parking facility is only valid for patrons holding a valid Freak Show ticket on the day of entry.

  64. Speed limits will be enforced across the Festival Site.
  65. Vehicles once parked in the festival camp site cannot be moved until the end of the festival. Vehicles are not permitted to be driven around the festival camp site for any reason. Buses will be operating in and out of town, please check your festival guide, website or APP for the bus timetable.
  66. Alternatively, there will be a carpark located outside of the festival site where vehicles may be left and patrons enter via foot with their camping gear. Please note search conditions will apply.


For the safety and comfort of all Motorcycles fans, we advise patrons to arrive early to ensure adequate time for bag checks.

The Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles strongly discourages the entry of large backpacks and bags, and advises that all carried items will be stringently checked upon arrival. To avoid bag checks, simply leave all large items in your vehicle or tent and proceed straight through our 'non-bag check' lines. Your best option is to travel light and bring as little as possible.

Campers should note that they won't be able to bring bags, eskies and coolers into the grounds. Only Eskies and coolers of a reasonably small size will only be allowed in with people who have infants under 4 years old.

Prohibited Items:

  • Alcohol – any alcohol brought onto the Festival site will be confiscated. Alcohol – Every adult patron camping on site can bring one only slab/box/carton to a maximum of 30 cans of beer or pre-mix spirits or 4L cask of wine into the camping area. Camper – The above allowed allocation is for the entire festival not one per day! No Glass.
  • Glass items (including jars, bottles, containers, mirrors and perfumes).
  • Knives, weapons or explosives of any kind (including potential missiles).
  • Illegal/unidentifiable substances, drugs & legal/herbal highs
  • Flares, fireworks, sparklers, explosives or any fire twirling equipment
  • Fires and open flames
  • House Hold Furniture
  • Nitrous oxide bulbs and cannisters
  • Sound systems
  • Megaphones and airhorns
  • Drones or any other remote control device
  • Skateboards, scooters, wagons, carts, rollerblades, roller skates, bicycles, quad-bikes, segways, hoverboards, self-balancing scooters or any personal motorised vehicles.
  • Spray cans
  • Animals (excluding service dogs such as guide dogs).
  • Unauthorised solicitation and materials including handbills, flyers, stickers, beach balls, give-aways, samples, or other promotional items.
  • Umbrellas
  • Unofficial hi-viz and reflective jackets
  • Any other item deemed by Festival staff (in their discretion) to be dangerous or offensive or potentially dangerous.
  • Any persons found to be in possession of Prohibited Items will have those Prohibited Items confiscated and they will not be returned.
  • Any persons found to be in possession of illegal substances or participating in illegal activities will be removed from Festival Site / Camp Site and may be referred to the police.
  • Please note that children's trolleys are discouraged in favour of prams and strollers for toddlers and will be heavily searched and owners should be prepared to have them totally emptied out in advance of entry points.
  • All chairs must be taken out of covers for checking at entry points.

We thank you for working with us to make this The Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles as safe and as much fun as possible for everyone who attends.

Camping General & Camping Terms & Conditions

The Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles campgrounds are located on the grass fields known as the John Oxley Playing field adjacent to the Walcha Race Course and Festival grounds. The campground offers camping in walking distance (approx. 600m) across the track, with toilets and showers.

Bring your mates, your family, your camping gear and enjoy.

If you have a caravan, motor home, camper trailer and or vehicle that exceeds 6 meters you can bring that too. You just need to purchase a special pass for this. Large vehicles will also park at the John Oxley in a different location.

Or. If you want a little less hassle and hold a 3-day festival and camping ticket you can purchase pre-set up tents, canvas bell tents. More info below.

Please read the Terms & Conditions of our camping below - we know they can be a little mind-numbing to read, but there is a lot of info in there you need to know. Thank you!

The Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles Camping Terms and Conditions 2019

This ticket is sold by The Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles Pty Ltd (ABN 22 632 499 300) who is responsible for the Event. The following conditions are both of sale (including any resale or subsequent assignment), entry and attendance at the camping site and the Event.

'You' and 'your' refers to the customer. 'We', 'us', 'our', ' The Freak Show ' and 'Event organiser' refers to The Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles Pty Ltd, its employees, contractors, volunteers and authorised persons. This agreement means these terms and conditions and any other conditions specified by us on our website and booking forms.

IMPORTANT: All the terms and conditions of your Festival ticket shall apply to this camping ticket; so please read those conditions in conjunction with this camping ticket.

  1. The whole venue is a GLASS FREE ZONE, so please bring no glass items as they will be confiscated. Please do not bring glass into the camping area, broken glass and festivals do not mix, consider your fellow humans’ feet.
  2. You can now BYO alcohol (within a certain limit) to the camping grounds
  3. Every ADULT ticket holder can bring:
    • ONE unopened slab/box/carton to a maximum of 30 cans of beer
    • ONE unopened slab/box/carton of pre-mix spirits to a maximum of 24 cans
    • 4L of wine into the camping grounds, which will allow you to quench your thirst whilst relaxing at your campsite!
    The above allowed allocation is for the entire festival not one per day!
    You can bring the drink of your choice, however there will be a strict NO GLASS policy in place, so make sure whatever you bring is in a can or cask.
    Please note: random police &security checks will be occurring throughout the duration of the event, including the entry process. So please stick to the limits outlined.
    Please be aware of this policy and show respect to other festival patrons. The quiet and order of the festival campground and its neighbourhood will be maintained. No parties will be allowed in the camping area. Breach of this condition WILL result in eviction without refund. After all, everyone needs a good night’s sleep, so all that Festival has to offer can be really enjoyed.
  4. Camping sites are allocated on arrival. Each person must have their own photo ID and ticket ready to present to Festival staff. Tent sites are allocated when you arrive by our very efficient camping staff. You are not able to save spots for friends. If you intend to camp alongside friends you must meet up beforehand and arrive together. Please remain with your car & tent until you have been registered.
    Camping tickets are sold per person. Camping tickets are not transferable; you cannot share it with other people. Camping tickets are exchanged for wristbands which are non transferable and must be worn at all times for the duration of the festival.
  5. You do not have an unlimited amount of space for your camp setup, a reasonable sized tent for the amount of people staying in that tent only, will be allowed. eg: four adults camping then a 6 man tent is deemed reasonable.
  6. Camping tickets are separate to event tickets. You will need two tickets, one to camp and one to gain entry to the festival. You cannot purchase a camping ticket without having a festival ticket; the two tickets must match up eg: if you have a Friday-Sunday festival pass you must also have a Friday –Saturday - Sunday Camping pass.
  7. All 1 day and 3 day campers must only arrive after 10.30am on the first valid day stated on their camping ticket and must depart the campsite by 10am on the day their ticket becomes invalid.
  8. Entry for set-up and arrival to the campsite closes at 10pm daily. Please arrive and set up before 10pm.
  9. Your person, possessions and motor vehicle will be searched for prohibited items including ALCOHOL, GLASS, WEAPONS, ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES or any item the Event organizers consider may be used in an illegal or offensive manner and may be confiscated. Refusal to consent to a search WILL prevent entry to the camping ground without refund.
  10. It’s dangerous to have Cars and Motorcycles moving around sleeping campers. For Safety reasons and due to limited access to/from the campsite and to avoid traffic congestion, only one vehicle may be parked next to your tent - car pooling is advised. Vehicles will not be allowed to come and go from the campground. If you do need to move your vehicle for any reason, you will not be able to bring it back inside the campground, at which point you will be directed to park your vehicle in the Festival Camping car park , this may maybe your preferred option anway. You may re-enter the campground with your vehicle on the day your camping ticket expires to pack up and leave the site (For example if you have a 3 day camping ticket for Thursday, Friday, Saturday you can only re-enter with your vehicle on Sunday morning to leave the site before 10am). There will be a motorcycle parking area for riders next to the motorcycle camping area - riders can come and go from this parking area while being in cooee of their pride and joy BUT riders will not be able to sleep next to their motorcycle in a swag or tent unless you are prepared to leave you bike parked for the duration of the festival.
    There will be plenty of shuttle buses going to the nearby town of Walcha.
  11. 3 day camping will allow you to camp for 4 nights from 11am 14th of Nov until 10am 18 of November 2019.
  12. NO OVERNIGHT CAMPING ALLOWED IN THE FESTIVAL CARPARK!! No campervans or wicked vans will be allowed overnight in the car park; if you want to camp onsite you must buy a camping ticket or stay at a campsite nearby. The car parks are patrolled hourly; any attempt to camp overnight without a ticket will result in a fine.
  13. On departure of the campsite please make sure all your belongings, camping equipment and vehicles are removed.
  14. There is an extra charge for those bringing Winnebago’s, caravans, camper trailers and campervans longer than 6 meters due to the extra space that they inevitably take up.
  15. There will be separate designated camping areas for 4 day, 3 day and 1 day camping. Therefore, if you are arriving with a group and the members of your group have different camping ticket types, you will not be able to camp next to each other.
  16. All Camping enquiries at the festival should be directed to the Camping Enquiries Office located at the John Oxley playing fields off Darjeeling Rd.
  17. Animals are not permitted on the camping or event grounds.
  18. Open fires are not permitted. We have Fire Marshalls on site that will be checking your setup to ensure safety. We do allow gas burners for cooking and gas bbq's.
  19. Security personnel will undertake regular patrols of the camping area. The Security phone number will be on your wristband, don’t hesitate to call it.
  20. The use of fireworks in the campground or festival site is strictly prohibited. Any person using fireworks will be ejected from the campground and the festival.
  21. Festival is an all weather Festival. The Festival will go ahead Rain, Hail or Shine.
  22. Please respect the site and your fellow campers. Any unruly behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in your removal from the site. 24 hour security is on hand to ensure the safety and amenity of all campers.
  23. The promoter or venue shall not be held liable for any loss, theft, injury or damages sustained entering, or on the site. Don’t leave valuables in your tent. Lock them out of sight in your car, or even better, do not bring laptops, jewellery or expensive items to the Festival – do you really need them?
  24. Lost or stolen tickets will not be replaced.
  25. Tickets may not, without the prior written consent of Festival be resold at a premium or used for advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes (including competitions and trade promotions) or to enhance the demand for other goods and services. If a ticket is sold or used in breach of this condition, the bearer of the ticket will be refused admission.
  26. Festival Pty Ltd cares for the environment and community. Please be respectful and place any litter in the recycle or other bins provided around the venue. Be waste and water wise - thank you.
  27. No drums are allowed in the camping area. No excessive noise and amplified music after 11pm.


The Freak show festival of Motorcycles welcomes patrons with a disability and aims to improve the site and The Freak show festival of Motorcycles experience each year.

Most of the Festival activities will be held on the Walcha Race Course, Camping is on the adjoining Walcha Sports field (John Oxley Playing Fields) and the Hill Climb is across the paddock on a private property. The Walcha Race Course terrain is flat grass and gravel, the Glamping ground is flat grass with small hard dirt roads The Camping grounds are flat grass with no paths.

  • The Camping grounds located at the John Oxley playing fields are approximately 600m from the festival. Campers must walk around the race course to the entry gate. Disabled parking will be made available within the Festival area for disabled person to drive and park.
  • The Glamping area adjoins the Festival Entertainment Hub and access is via gravel / hard dirt paths to entry gates.
  • The Hill Climb is located approximately 1km North West from the Festival Hubb on a private property. Disabled parking will be made available near the bottom of the Hill Climb. The Hill Climb access track is subject to weather conditions and availability of its used will be made on the day.
  • All town activities are catered for by the Walcha Council.

Please be aware that during busy periods and when it rains, pathways can become tricky to negotiate for people who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids. If you are bringing a wheelchair for the Festival make sure you have a wheelchair with large wheels.

Please read the following information carefully. If your questions have not been answered our contact details can be found at the end of this document.


The Freak show festival of Motorcycles offers parking services for all of our day visitors including people with a disability. Disabled parking is on grass with a gravel approach.

Our designated parking areas for patrons with a disability who display a Disability Parking Permit are located close to both North and West Festival entries– just follow the Disability Parking signs once you enter the festival or ask one of car park assistants.


The Freak show festival of Motorcycles provides a designated Camping and Glamping area for people with a disability situated close to parking and amenities.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide power to any of the camping areas.

Accessible toilet and shower facilities are provided in this camping area. We respectfully ask carers and friends camping with patrons with a disability not to use the accessible toilet and shower cubicles for themselves.

Camping spots for patrons with a disability are limited and must be pre-booked. Please call our office on 0455 038 300 to book your camping site.

Limited space requires that you bring no more than 4 campers in your group. If you wish to camp in a larger group you need to stay in the general camping area.


Accessible toilets are strategically located around the festival site. You can find them close to all patron toilet locations. We strive to keep these areas clean and sanitary to the best of our ability.


The Freak show festival of Motorcycles honours the Companion Card system. If you come with a carer and have a Companion Card, your carer will receive a complimentary ticket for the same days as your purchased ticket.

Please note there is a limit of one carer complimentary ticket given each day. If you are attending the festival for multiple days and are using the same carer on all the days a multiple day wristband will be issued to your carer.

To receive your carer’s ticket please go to the ticket office on arrival to the festival with your Companion Card and your carer.


Viewing platforms are for the sole use of our patrons with a disability. We have these facilities in place so that we can provide a more equitable experience for patrons with a disability and their carer.

Viewing platforms are located at the Flat Track and Hill Climb activities.

Depending on demand The Freak show festival of Motorcycles cannot always cater for patrons with a temporary impairment/injury.

Viewing platforms are specifically designed to provide viewing for those who use wheelchairs, if you are denied access please do not be offended.

A number of chairs are provided on the platforms for you and one carer. So please do not bring your own.

Carers are welcome to use the seating available. Please be aware that if a patron with a disability requires a space then your carer may be asked to surrender their seat.

Please be aware that viewing platforms operate on a first come, first served basis and we cannot guarantee access to platforms at extremely busy periods.

The access ramps are in accordance with disability regulation standards.


We happily permit the use of Assistance Dogs within the festival and camping areas. If you are camping with your Assistance Dog, please respect other patrons by cleaning up after your dog.


Patrons are advised that flicker, laser, strobe and other lighting effects may be in use at the festival site.

First Aid is available during festival operating hours and is located in the Festival Hub. Our onsite medics are equipped to provide first aid, minor injury care and resuscitation.

The weather can have a massive effect on how easy it is for mobility around the site, please take this into consideration when deciding on what equipment to bring with you.

Contact Us

We are happy to assist people with disabilities in planning for an enjoyable and safe The Freak show festival of Motorcycles experience.

Enjoy the Festival!!


  • “The Festival” herein is the Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles Pty Ltd
  • “The Exhibitor” herein is deemed the holder and purchaser of trade space within the Festival’s trade exhibition
  • The Exhibitor agrees to all terms and conditions described herein
  • Exhibitors must build-in on Thursday, November 14, completing the exhibit no later than 10pm
  • Build-out of the exhibit cannot commence prior to 5pm, Sunday November 17
  • Exhibits must not give offence and must be in keeping with the Festival’s atmosphere of fun and inclusiveness
  • Festival organisers reserve the right to reject any display
  • Festival organisers can take all necessary steps to stop or avoid nuisance or anti-social behaviour, and eject any persons from the exhibition and Festival who acts in breach of this provision
  • No exhibit within the marquees can exceed a total height of 2.4 metres
  • Exhibits must not exceed Exhibitor’s booked dimensions
  • The Exhibitor will be liable for any damage to floors, walls or ceilings and shall not paint or attach or otherwise alter walls, ceiling or floor
  • The Festival will provide each exhibit with a minimum of one, 10amp power point. Exhibitors who require additional power (amps or power points) over and above the standard allocation for the space booked and paid for will have their needs quoted by the Festival’s electrical contractor
  • The Exhibitor will pay all reasonable and proper charges for electrical installations and additional power consumed on the space allotted to it
  • No electrical work may be carried out in any exhibition by any person other than a person authorised by the Festival
  • Exhibitors are to ensure that appropriate union labour is employed in the construction of exhibition stands and that all industrial stands and all industrial awards and Health and Occupational Safety Legislation are complied with
  • Exhibitors must at all times comply with the regulations from time to time in force and issued by any government department or statutory authority including but not limited to, the relevant Department of Health, Fire Authority, Australian Securities Commission, Trade Practices Commission, Consumer Affairs Authority, Office of Fair Trading and Venue Management. The Exhibitor shall indemnify the Festival in respect to any proceedings or actions brought against the Festival by any person as a result of any breach by the Exhibitor of any statutory provision, regulation ordinance or by-law of any government department or duly constituted statutory authority. The Exhibitor shall not call upon the Festival to adjudicate on any disputes as between Exhibitors or require the Festival to do any act or refrain from doing any act in respect of or arising out of any breach by any Exhibitor of any of the statutory provisions, regulations ordinances or by laws referred to herein
  • Exhibitors must show their exhibit plans, or outline them in writing, to the Festival at least one month prior to the Festival’s commencement
  • The Festival reserves the right to reject any display that is considered dangerous or offensive
  • Exhibitors must keep exhibits clean and tidy and in good order
  • Sound amplifiers and machine exhibitions must be kept at a noise level that does not cause discomfort to the public
  • Exhibitors must not conduct any lottery, raffle, or any game of chance whatsoever during the Exhibition without the appropriate permit
  • No liquor can be sold
  • No Foodstuffs can be sold
  • Exhibitors and their staff shall be given Exhibitor passes on lanyards. These must be worn at all times within the Festival precinct\
  • Exhibitors will be charged for parking
  • Exhibitors will be given entry permits for parking
  • The Festival shall make every endeavour to keep the marquee floors clean and tidy and provide the agreed services
  • The Festival shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any Exhibitor display or property arising from theft, fire, flood, water, storms, wind, civil disobedience or any other cause whatsoever or whether occasioned by direct interference, negligent act or omission and the Exhibitor agrees to indemnify the Festival in respect of any claims being made against the Festival in respect of such loss or damage
  • The Festival shall not be responsible for any damages claimed by any person or persons who may be injured whilst in any space or area of the Exhibition allotted or under the control of the Exhibitor or as a result of any omission or act of neglect or default of the Exhibitor. The Exhibitor agrees to indemnify the Festival in the event of any action, claim suit or demand made against the Festival such indemnity to include all costs incurred by the Festival in defending such action, claim suit or demand, taking advice in relation thereto and being represented at any proceedings arising out of any accident including any inquiry or inquest
  • If the holding of the Exhibition is prevented or abandoned the Exhibitor shall not be entitled to refund any monies paid by it nor shall it be relieved of the obligation to pay any amount due under this Agreement nor shall the Festival be liable in any way for any expenditure or liability or loss including consequential loss incurred or sustained by the Exhibitor
  • The Festival shall determine the hours when the trade Exhibition is open to the public
  • The Festival reserves the right to close the trade Exhibition if circumstances necessitate this action without any liability or compensation of any kind by the Festival, nor will the Festival or sponsors be liable for any losses, damages or expenses which the Exhibitor may incur as a result thereof
  • The Exhibitor warrants and declares that is has obtained for the entire period of the exhibition a public liability policy with an acceptable Insurer; coverage of a minimum amount of $20,000,000 for any one occurrence and shall supply to the company a Certificate of Currency signed by the Insurer as evidence of the existence of such coverage, noting thereon the interest of the Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles Pty Ltd as regard the Exhibition