The Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles

15th to 17th November, Walcha NSW

LIVE MUSIC We are going to be making some noise here.

Get ready to set Saturday night alight!

The Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles is determined to make Saturday night, November 16, one that will vibrate your molecules more than a two-stroke nudging the redline.

The live music show kicks off at 5pm with The Grim Brothers, diving into country themes just to remind everyone where we are (in the country). And these boys are locals, from Walcha, so you know they're the real deal.

Next up, get ready to rock with the Toxic Dolls, 5 hot shots of extra loud, lingerie-clad bombshells who take no prisoners (which is unfortunate because that could be fun).

Picking your sweaty self up off the ground for round three of the Freak Show Festival's live and loud thumping, you'll be swingin' to Burger Joint, a unique pairing of blues and funk with some phenomenal guitar work.

Then, get ready for the first solo artist to be signed by Australia's most exclusive rock management company. This is Don West with big hunks of rock. If Kurt Cobain and Michael Hutchence had a love child with Chris Isaak, it would be one weird human, but the voice would be golden and quite similar to Westy's. This guy's gonna be huge.  

And now it's onto the main game, The Nevilles. Not one but two sets from the group widely lauded as Australia's favourite party band. But if you're after soft core, you're going to be disappointed. These guys will be out to knock the points off the stars twinkling overhead with some serious big-arse rock & roll. So, in short, there'll be no better place to be than at the Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles on Saturday night, November 16, from 5pm (unless it's sleep you want and then, well, that's gonna be a problem).

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